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Hi, my name is Jill. I am a stay at home Mummy, born in Scotland and living in Dubai. I love to scrapbook, make hand-crafted cards and paper projects. I am a full-time mummy to Adam and have a wonderful husband and great family. I love stamping and being creative. I lie awake at night thinking up new designs! Does everyone do this or is it just me? :) Thanks for stopping by. Jill x

Raising funds for Cancer Research UK

Discovering close family and friends had cancer was devastating so i thought it was time to do my bit and raise money to help fund research into this awful disease.

The charity selected is Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre and the groundbreaking work at this centre will inshAllah (God willing) open new doors to finding ways to stop cancer in its tracks and improve survival for patients. You can visit
their website to find out more about the centres works atEdinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre

To raise money i have taken up the challenge of creating handcrafted greetings cards and 100% of all donations received for the cards will go directly to this cause. Any cards you see on my blog can be 'bought' for a donation.

Please dig deep eveyone and help this worthwhile cause, every penny really does count.

Donations can be made stra
ight to this cause by visiting :My Projects.
Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation for one (or more :)) of my cards, please get in touch.  My email ismylittlecardstudio@gmail.com.
Best wishes and thank you very much.



  1. As of today, 2nd August 2012, friends and family have donated a total of £199.29 to Cancer Research UK for my cards. Thank you so much everyone for supporting me in this cause. This is fantastic.

  2. Another welcomes donation of £20 makes to total raised to £219.29. Thank you Mum x


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