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Hi, my name is Jill. I am a stay at home Mummy, born in Scotland and living in Dubai. I love to scrapbook, make hand-crafted cards and paper projects. I am a full-time mummy to Adam and have a wonderful husband and great family. I love stamping and being creative. I lie awake at night thinking up new designs! Does everyone do this or is it just me? :) Thanks for stopping by. Jill x



I just thought I would make a quick and easy to follow turorial to show you how I made some of the flowers i use on some of my cards.  Please go easy on me, this is my first tutorial! J
You will need:
Flower die cuts (or you can make your own template and cut the flower shapes from cardstock).  I have used both methods and they work equally well.
Distress ink (optional)
Water mister
Step 1
Distress the edges of your flowers (this step is optional).  For each flower, I use 2 medium sized flowers, 2 small flowers and 1 tiny flower.

Step 2
Pierce the centre of the flowers, layer them and secure using a brad.

 Step 3
Spray the flower using a water mister until wet.
Step 4
Lift every petal upwards and inwards squashing them all into the centre.  Your flower should now look like this!

Step 5
Peel back the individual petals until you are happy with the shape and set aside to dry.

That is it! Easy right?  Not only that, beautiful too! You can make them in any colour to suit any project. Once they are dry, you can distress the edges or spray them with glimmer mist to suit your taste.  Here is a few i made earlier............. I have not sprayed or distressed these ones yet, i will wait until i need to use them.

Thank you for visiting. Happy crafting! If you leave me a comment, this will let me know you have been and i can visit you too.


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